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Click on these links to find your legislators at the national level and at the Washington state level!


Change Starts in Your Own Backyard


Become an Advocate for Climate and Health


Write Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor


Health Voices for Climate Action


Do No Harm

Plant Trees

The Green Seattle Partnership coordinates restoration projects to care for our urban forest and bring people into the parks to build community through hands-on volunteerism.  The Partnership was started in 2004 to respond to a critical threat facing the City’s forested parks.   Without intervention, we risked losing 70% of the tree cover in our parks in just 20 years. With thousands of volunteers getting involved every year, we are making great strides, but the work is far from done. Join us!  We’re going to need everyone’s help to keep the Emerald City green!

ACTION ITEM:  Sign up to volunteer here!

Tree Planting
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