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Clean Fuel Standard


The Clean Fuel Standard will be considered in the 2021 legislative session. This guide contains tools to help us call on our legislators to do the right thing.

  • Each year, 1,100 people die in Washington due to outdoor air pollution. 

  • Diesel and gasoline are responsible for nearly half of our climate change pollution in Washington State. We can electrify most of our transportation sector, and what we can’t electrify, we can transition to cleaner fuels.

  • California, Oregon, and B.C. already have working Clean Fuel Standards.

The Clean Fuel Standard passed off the Senate floor!  We still have more work to do to ensure a strong policy reaches the Governor’s desk.  Here are some action items:


1.  There are 5 priority Senators who we need to get on board with a strong Clean Fuel Standard.  Those are: Cleveland (49), Conway (29), Hasegawa (11), Van De Wege (24), Mullet (5).  Let your senator know we need a strong Clean Fuel Standard here!

HEAL Act: SB 5141

The HEAL Act, Senate Bill 5141, will center those most affected by pollution as Washington transitions to a green economy. To do this, the HEAL Act will define ‘environmental justice’ in state law, outline how agencies should consider community needs and environmental justice (EJ) in their work, establish a permanent EJ Council to work with these agencies and help create EJ legislation, and expand equitable community participation.

ACTION ITEM:  Passed the House! Next step is back to the Senate for concurrence.  No priority actions for now.

Growth Management Act: HB 1220


HB 1220 makes critical housing justice updates to the housing element of the Growth Management Act.   Cities will be required to plan for affordable housing at every income level and to redress historical racial inequities in new housing plans.  It will also require cities to allow homeless shelters/housing for homeless in zoning for comparable uses.



1.  Passed the Senate and now goes back to the house for concurrence. One step closer!  No priority actions for now.

Stop the Petrochemical Boom

ACTION ITEM:  Write to your members of Congress, using the below template from Earthjustice as a starter:

My name is ___ and I live in [City, State].  As your constituent, I ask that you oppose any subsidies for the petrochemical industry. Projected petrochemical industry growth promises to create a deluge of unnecessary plastics while emitting massive amounts of carbon pollution — at great risk to our health and our environment during a devastating health crisis.

The health impacts of living close to a petrochemical facility are severe and include increased cancer risk and respiratory disease due to air pollution. We cannot give our tax dollars to prop up an industry that will make it harder for us to breathe.  It is clear to me that the consequences of petrochemical production — air, water, plastic, and climate pollution — outweigh any benefits gained by subsidizing an industry that is already among the largest and most profitable in the world. I urge you to oppose any legislation that supports this industry.

Plant Trees

The Green Seattle Partnership coordinates restoration projects to care for our urban forest and bring people into the parks to build community through hands-on volunteerism.  The Partnership was started in 2004 to respond to a critical threat facing the City’s forested parks.   Without intervention, we risked losing 70% of the tree cover in our parks in just 20 years. With thousands of volunteers getting involved every year, we are making great strides, but the work is far from done. Join us!  We’re going to need everyone’s help to keep the Emerald City green!

ACTION ITEM:  Sign up to volunteer here!