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“... what if each American landowner converted half of his or her yard to productive native plant communities? Even moderate success could collectively restore some semblance of ecosystem function to more than 20 million acres of what is now ecological wasteland. ” -Doug Tallamy

Help create HOMEGROWN NATIONAL PARK™, a wide-scale grassroots call-to-action to restore biodiversity and ecosystem function by planting native plants and creating new ecological networks in your own backyard.  The goal is to populate 20 million acres of US land with native plantings. This represents approximately ½ of the green lawns of privately-owned properties.  Check it out here!

Ten Action Items to get started in your backyard:

  • Shrink the lawn

  • Remove invasive species

  • Plant fundamental native plants to your area

  • Be generous with your plantings

  • Plant for pollinators

  • Network with neighbors

  • Build a conservation hardscape

  • Create caterpillar pupation sites under your trees

  • Don't spray or fertilize

  • Educate your neighborhood association

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