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Forest Fire


  • 152 of 196 countries saw an increase in annual exposure to wildfires from 2015–18

  • The health effects of wildfires include:

    • direct thermal injuries and death

    • Exacerbation of respiratory symptoms of underlying diseases such as asthma

    • Mental health impacts due to trauma

  • Climate change causes higher temperatures, earlier snowmelts, and overall hotter, drier conditions, which increase wildfire risk

Image by Kelly Sikkema


  • Extremes of precipitation are increasing, with different regions being affected in different ways

  • Floods impact health through:

  • Direct injury and death

  • Spread of vector and water-borne diseases

  • Mental health sequelae

  • Drought negatively affects crop yields and food security, resulting in malnutrition and migration

Image by Soroush Karimi


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