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First, change begins in your own backyard.  Learn how here!

For legislative and AAP updates, see below:

Read about the national AAP's new Climate Advocates Program


The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health has compiled a fantastic list of climate-related legislation at the national level.  Check it out!


Natural Gas

Natural gas production and consumption carries a heavy burden for health.  From water contamination due to fracking to methane leaks accelerating the climate crisis, natural gas is a disaster for our health and our world.  We support  getting natural gas out of schools.  No kid should have to suffer health consequences as a result of a polluted school environment.  We also support prohibiting natural gas production facilities and pipelines from being built.

Stay tuned for more!


Capping Carbon Pollution 

The Legislature passed the Climate Commitment Act this year, which will place a statewide cap on global warming pollution.   Washington is only the second state to pass an economy-wide cap on climate pollution, and the first to commit to cutting those emissions by 95%—one of the most ambitious binding targets in the world.  The Act will dedicate $5.2 billion to reducing transportation emissions. At least 35% of investments will be targeted to overburdened communities. 

Clean Fuel Standard

Pediatricians for Climate Action worked hard with other climate and health groups this year to pass the Clean Fuel Standard.  With the Clean Fuel Standard, Washington will finally join California, Oregon and British Columbia in having a standard for clean fuels.  It will bring about investment in cleaner, low-carbon fuels like electricity and sustainable biofuels to power our transportation.  It will expand vehicle electrification and create more jobs in our state’s clean energy economy.   Read our publication in support here!


Our group also worked to establish an environmental justice standard in Washington state.  The Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act defines environmental justice and requires the definition to be applied in state law to address long-term inequities and harm. The work and the win is truly one of the environmental justice community.


Image by Mika Baumeister
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