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“Don't wait for a better world. Start now to create a world of harmony and peace. It is up to you, and it always has been. You may even find the solution at the end of your fork.”  -Sharon Gannon


Transitioning towards a plant-based diet may be the most effective way an individual can stop climate change...

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Healthy Cooking
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If cattle were their own nation, they would be the world's third largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Project Drawdown estimates that emissions could be reduced by around 63 percent if we all became vegetarian, and $1 trillion in annual health-care costs would be saved.

Reducing one's meat consumption is possibly the best thing an individual can do to address global warming.

What's on your plate???


For a definitive, plant-based nutrition guide for families, check out the book Nourish by Dr. Reshma Shah and Brenda Davis, RD.

For all your diet and climate information, check out this comprehensive article from the NY Times.


Read about it from the experts!  AAP pediatricians discuss the health benefits of plant based diets for kids here.

And, check out some plant-based recipes for kids to get started!

For more reading on plant-based diets, please refer to our Further Reading page.

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