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Pediatric Respiratory ED Visits During Wildfire Events

Retrospective study looking into ED visits and hospitalizations for respiratory distress during wildfires as compared to periods of clean air


Understanding Pediatric Trainee Attitudes Toward Incorporating a Climate Change Curriculum into Medical Training

Survey study looking at pediatric trainees and their knowledge base/education regarding climate change and health

Leveraging Greener Schoolyards for Better Health

RESEARCHERS: Pooja Tandon MD,  Kathleen Wolfe PHD, Cary Simmons MEM

Recent and compelling research indicates that access to parks and green space can promote the health and well-being of individuals of all ages. 

Review of Nature Contact and Latinos in the US

RESEARCHERS: Pooja Tandon MD, Julian Olden, Lauren Kuehne

Trends and Knowledge Gaps in the Study of Nature-Based Participation by Latinos in the United States 

Review of Studies Exploring Health Effects of Nature Interactions on Children

RESEARCHERS: Pooja TandonGreg Bratman

Review of studies exploring health effects of nature interactions on children 


Potential health benefits of increased outdoor activities for Girl Scouts

RESEARCHERS: Josh LawlerPooja Tandon, Peter Kahn, Greg Bratman

Potential health benefits of increased outdoor activities for Girl Scouts 

Also check out Dr. Tandon's newest systemic review on nature and children's health!

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